Supporting the elderly people

Support the elderly over 60’s to live independent, comfortable, and secure lives in their own homes.

Today’s world can be a complicated and worrying place, so it’s vital that older people are not left alone.

Helping others is a very rewarding experience for the helper.

Whether dealing with helping with hospital appointments or a broken washing machine, there is a lot that we can do to help.

Many older people have lost the companionship of work colleagues, their husband or wife, children may live and work away from them. All part of life’s natural progression. But this can lead to social isolation and older people becoming prisoners in their own home.

The elderly need gentle exercise classes that provide social and health benefits, assisting them to confront weakening mobility.

Elderly need the possibility to meet others in similar situations, make new friends and have a good gossip.

We can’t get our youth back, but it helps to feel that we are not on our own.

We need to neglect the anxieties associated with getting just a little bit older.

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